As a self-sustaining nonprofit, Mind Your Shape Inc. allows those not enrolled in our #BeWhole program to purchase our services fully knowing that a majority of their cost pays for a person in need of health services. Traditionally nonprofits have solely relied on donations and grants to fund their mission. Our innovative approach  is similar to a museum selling art reproductions for operations and providing their service. Our business model is just the same except our works provide you and our beneficiaries with long-term optimal health. We do not make a profit from your purchase; instead all monies are directly used to fund our #BeWhole Initiative. We keep our focus on the purpose and not the profit prominent.



Integrated Services

The Newbie
first introduction to a healthy lifestyle

The Go-Getter
seeking flexibility or desires a challenge

The Mom
assistance implementing wellness routine into Mom Life

The Yo-Yo
long history with wellness programs with unsatisfactory results


what we offer

Mind Your Shape Inc. is a wellness company that combines mindfulness with nutrition and personal training. We help you achieve the confidence, attractiveness, and energetic lifestyle you want just by learning how to think, eat, and train effectively. We enable you to take full responsibility and pride in your well-being.

Scientific research, case studies, and articles prove that the best wellness program emphasizes the link between the mind and the body. We merge cognitive behavioral therapy with nutritional education and physical fitness to maximize health and weight management results.

Our program is distributed  over 3 months and guided by a Licensed Social Worker, Dietitian, and Personal Trainer. The number of sessions with each professional is determined by the program package you select. All sessions are administered virtually allowing us to serve clients nationwide. 



Individual Services

Think only
12 sessions

Eat Only
14 sessions

Train Only
24 sessions