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Mind Your Shape Founder, Sirobe Carstafhnur, began her wellness journey in January 2015 after years of yo-yo dieting and over-training that resulted in swings between sizes 10 and 22, instead of a stable healthy lifestyle. After moving to New York City, she decided it was time to address the underlying causes of her fluctuating weight. The doctors in NYC were the first to diagnose her with untreated 20+ years PTSD from multiple sexual assaults. Instead of a pill or gastric bypass surgery, doctors prescribed cognitive behavioral therapy to combat using her body as protection. Thus the healing and slimming began.

After seeing the results from healing her mind first, Sirobe had no doubt that her story would affect others and bring attention to the omission of mental health as an integral part of our healthcare system. With a team of wellness professionals with 30+ years of combined experience, who are also passionate about helping others live a sustainable and healthy quality of life, Sirobe founded Mind Your Shape, Inc. to fill that void. This was the beginning of the Mind Your Shape #BeWhole Movement.




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