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Mind Your Shape's business model (self-sustaining nonprofit) was developed after discovering the logistics and cost of a healthy lifestyle were inaccessible to those in lower economic status. Statistics show that this segment of  the population in United States struggle the most with obesity and mental illness. We recognize that the health issues of those in poverty cannot be solved using traditional methods. A successful wellness  program must take into account affordability, accessibility, convenience, and one-on-one guidance. 

To be successful in lifestyle changes, both health education as well as the means and methods to implement the knowledge are needed. Mind Your Shape addresses convenience and flexibility needed to make the long-lasting changes through online platforms, which also cuts cost by more than 50% than market rate.



TARGETED education and SerVICEs for emotional, nutritional and physical health.

(Three months working with one health professional)

Think  - 12 Mental Health Therapy Sessions

Eat - 14 Nutritional Education and Meal Ideas Sessions

Train - 24 Private and/or Group Physical Training Sessions

intergrated education and SerVICEs for emotional, nutritional and physical health.

(Three months working with all three health professionals)

Newbie  - Introduction to healthy eating or physical fitness for someone who is new to healthy self-care practices.

Yo- Yo - Exploration of underlying issues of the weight cycle and the tools to end the dangerous cycle.

Mom - Assistance with time management and budgeting to prioritize Mom's (or Dad's) health.

nutritional tools and education  and shopping EXPEDITION for wic families

(One 60-minute session with health volunteer)

WIC families (two per session) meet Kyla at the grocery store for a four-step tour that includes: reading food labels, comparing unit prices, finding whole grain foods, and identifying three ways to purchase produce. Each session concludes with quick shopping challenge to test their new skills and a monetary gift card for taking the next a significant steps to ensure mom, dad, and kids are happy and healthy. This fun, hands-on exercise provides the confidence for taking for their health into their own hands.




Do you want to give the gift of health, but not a client?  There are two ways in which you can still join the movement:

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